About the TUV SUD DropOff Service...

TUV SUD DropOff can be used to temporarily make a file (or files) available to another user across the Internet.

There are two distinct kinds of users that will be accessing the TUV SUD DropOff system: inside users, who are associated with the the organisation running the service, and outside users, which encompasses the rest of the Internet.

An inside user is allowed to send a drop-off to anyone, whether they are an inside or outside user. An outside user is only allowed to send a drop-off to an inside user.
drop-off: one or more files uploaded to TUV SUD DropOff as a single item for delivery to a person or people
There are several ways in which a user can drop-off multiple files at once:
  • Drag-and-drop multiple files at once onto the drop-off page
  • Click on the "Add Files" button on the drop-off page, and select 1 or more files at once using combinations of click, Shift+click and Ctrl+click (Cmd+click on a Mac)
  • Archive and compress the files into a single package and attach the resulting archive file on the drop-off page.
Creating a Drop-off
When a user creates a drop-off, they enter some identifying information about themself (name, organisation, and email address); identifying information about the recipient(s) (name and email address); and choose what files should be uploaded to make the drop-off. If the files are successfully uploaded, an email is sent to the recipient(s) explaining that a drop-off has been made. This email also provides a link to access the drop-off. Other information (the Internet address and/or computer name from which the drop-off was created, for example) is retained, to help the recipient(s) check the identity of the sender.
Retrieval of a drop-off by a recipient can only be done with both the drop-off's Claim ID and Passcode. When dropping off files, you can choose not to send either or both of these to the recipient automatically: you would then need to send that information by hand yourself.

Making a Pick-up
There are two ways to pick-up files that have been dropped off:
  • All users can click on the link provided in the notification email they were sent.
  • An inside user, once logged-in to the system, can display their "Inbox" which is a list of all drop-offs waiting for them. Once logged-in, an inside user is able to access drop-offs, sent to or by them, without needing the email message.
The recipient has 14 days to pick-up the files.

Size Limitations on Uploads

Being able to upload files larger than 2 GB depends on the browser being used.

If at all possible, use a modern 64-bit browser on a 64-bit operating system. If you only have a 32-bit system, then try a modern version of Google Chrome or Firefox.

The TUV SUD DropOff software itself has limits on the amount of data that can be uploaded in a single drop-off. Even for browsers that support uploads larger than 2 GB, drop-off may not exceed 30.0 GB per file, or 30.0 GB total for the entire drop-off.

If you are having the following issues when dropping off or picking up a large file:

then you are most likely connected to the Internet via a connection too slow to move the amount of data in a timely fashion. Your computer normally has at most 2 hours to fully send or receive a drop-off.

[php5] Based upon the original Perl UD Dropbox software written by Doke Scott. This version has been developed by Jules Field.